ALMOG (Kopeliovitz), YEHUDA

ALMOG (Kopeliovitz), YEHUDA
ALMOG (Kopeliovitz), YEHUDA (1896–1972), leading figure of the Third aliyah . Almog, who was born near Vilna, joined joseph trumpeldor in organizing He-Ḥalutz . In 1919 he settled in Palestine, where he was a founder of gedud ha-avodah . In 1923 he went to Soviet Russia as an emissary of He-Ḥalutz and later to Persia and other countries. He was a founder of the kibbutz Ramat Raḥel, near Jerusalem. From 1934 onward Almog devoted himself to the needs of the potash factory workers living in the difficult conditions of Sodom as well as to the settlement of the Dead Sea area and the development of masada as a national monument. His writings include Ḥevel Sedom ("Sodom Region," 1945), and Ḥevel Yam ha-Melaḥ ("Dead Sea Region," 1956).   -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Tidhar, 4 (1950), 2005; Y. Ereẓ (ed.), Sefer ha-Aliyah ha-Shelishit (1964), index; H.M. Sachar, Aliyah: the Peoples of Israel (1961), 155–91. (Benjamin Jaffe)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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